Learning to Learn

I want to spend my life learning, learning about everything.

the 2-3 years of your life you learn the basics on how to live. You learn how to walk, how to speak, you start learning about socializing, and more. Then you spend the next 20 years in school learning about all the fundamental topics in school and university,

Learn for fun

It’s important to enjoy learning, there is nothing worse that spending a lot of time doing something you hate.

Learn from Masters

Find people ahead of you and learn from them.

Don’t focus on teachers find the people doing the things you want to do and learn from them.

Learn stupid things

The amount of time I’ve spent learning about Marvel should be embarrasing.

Write things down

I’m still bad at this, but writing down what you learn is very helpful

Techniques for learning

Here are a few practical tips on learning.

Feynman Method for Learning

Resources for learning to learn